Observation and Consultation Services

Meeting with Leadership

We will join you for a phone call, video chat meeting or in-person meeting to discuss with your leadership the value and practical logistics for welcoming people with varied abilities in your congregation.


Observation of an Individual

Do you have a situation you’d like help working through? We can observe behaviors, settings and scenarios in-person on through recorded video and offer you suggestions and a plan forward.

Children’s Education

We will work with the children in your Sunday School or youth group to help them understand and include a specific individual with unique gifts and needs. This may include providing information to peers and families that honors and celebrates the individual, leading age-specific activities that increase understanding among peers, and discussing steps forward.

Training Staff and Volunteers

We offer a variety of workshop and training topics as well as specific topics by request.

Setting Up and Equipping a Wrap-Around Support Team

We are available to help support your church as you get to know an individual with unique needs and gifts, as well as offer support as you train a set of volunteers to surround that person and their family with a Wrap-Around Support Team (also known as a G.L.U.E. Team).  The G.L.U.E. process is outlined in the G.L.U.E. Training Manual and DVD.

Follow Up and Support

Not sure how to move forward? We are here to offer assistance and support as your congregation takes steps toward inclusion!

Our special education experts focus on helping you understand the areas of gift and need around those who experience disabilities in your church and offer individualized support to help you create inclusive and interdependent communities in your congregation. Based on your needs, this can include:

Creating Action Plans

We will come alongside your church to create an action plan for including a specific individual or persons within your community.

Worship Service Planning

As you’re planning a worship service about disability, we can help you prepare or present:

  • Scriptural support and teachings related to inclusion and the gifts each person has to give
  • Written materials for readings, litanies, prayers, and devotions
  • Children’s messages on including and honoring each individual

These services and more are included in an All Belong Membership!

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