Introducing All Belong

All Belong Center for Inclusive Education logo

We are excited to announce that CLC Network will now be called All Belong.

All Belong Center for Inclusive Education is the leading catalyst for creating and maintaining inclusive communities for persons of all abilities. This redefined brand identity clearly articulates the heart of our forty-year mission—that persons of all abilities belong within community. Our new logo conveys our beliefs about community: each person gathered together in interdependence, pointing toward Christ.

The All Belong brand positions us as the go-to resource for inclusive, Christ-centered communities. Based on the input of more than 100 stakeholders, the entire brand identity, including the naming, messaging, and visuals, was intentionally crafted to communicate our commitment to faithfully build belonging.

Brand Guide

The brand guide serves to equip anyone (staff, Board, partners, volunteers) who represents the organization to speak cohesively and with one voice in a manner that reflects the organization’s values.

Download the PDF: All Belong Brand Guide

Cover of the All Belong Brand Guide


Download the All Belong logo below. If you need a different file type, please contact Matt Cooke, director of marketing and technology.

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All Belong Center for Inclusive Education logo


All Belong logo png


All Belong logo

All Belong logo black and white


All Belong logo black and white JPG



Communicating our Partnership: A Guide for Member Schools

All Belong Member Co-Brand Guide – Download sample announcement language for parent communications, the school website, and the school and/or educational support services handbook.

All Belong Announcement Slide – Member Schools – Introduce All Belong to your school staff with this PowerPoint slide.

For more information about the All Belong brand, please contact Matt Cooke, All Belong’s director of marketing and technology

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