Circle of Congregations

The Circle of Congregations is a project of the Church Services division of All Belong that is supported by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. It encompasses congregations from around the U.S. already using innovative practices to include people of all abilities. Each congregation is participating in the following ways:

  • Two representatives from each congregation attending a consultation event in the fall where networking, training, inspiration, and discussion fill 2.5 days in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Each congregation committed to learning with and from one another through:
    • Interest groups where a focus topic unites discussion and innovation, leading to the group compiling and creating resources in that topic area.
    • Presentations and resources provided by All Belong on specific topics (at the fall events and online)
    • Sharing best practices from the congregations (such as in presentations to the public, articles and blog posts, and making materials available online)

Each congregation comes with a unique perspective, background, cultural experience, and setting, filling the circle with richness. It is our hope that this circle fuels innovative inclusion of persons of all abilities in congregations everywhere.



Find out the story behind this sermon series and the 10 Dimensions of belonging in this blog post.

Utilize this sermon series in your congregation, with your youth group, or in another setting. We’d love to know what you used, how it went, and what you added! email or comment on the blog post to share with us!

Here is the outline: