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Donor Profile: Doug and Lois Nagel

Doug and Lois Nagel are proud to be able to say they have supported All Belong since its very beginning in the early 1980s and have remained faithful in their giving for nearly forty years!

“I’ve been blessed to grow up around people with disabilities as part of our family and friends,” shares Lois Nagel. Doug also had a brother who had complicated challenges, which grew his heart for people who struggle to be a part of the community. “Everyone just came around us, we did our best to support him,” remembers Doug.

Today, Doug and Lois want to see more communities live out inclusion as the norm, not the exception. In addition to their support as donors, Doug served on the foundation board for All Belong as it created its first endowment fund.

They are excited about the ways others are getting involved and carrying forward the mission—the volunteers who help run the Auction, host fundraisers, serve on regional boards, and share their testimonies.

“It is critically important for the entire community to support inclusion and ensure that kids are included. It makes life, learning, and worship more rewarding for all of us,” reflects Doug.

Passionate about inclusive education? Make a contribution to All Belong to help us create inclusive communities for persons of all abilities.

Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski is the executive director at All Belong.