Donor Profile: Sid and Patricia Helder

Patricia and Sid Helder Patricia and Sid Helder faithfully share their passion for All Belong's mission with friends and family.

Sid and Patricia Helder have a long history of involvement and support for All Belong. What began as a relationship through the Helder family business, Franklin Press Inc., nearly twenty years ago turned into developing an interest and passion for All Belong’s mission.
“I’ve always had a heart for kids with challenges,” said Sid, “I just figured I’d do whatever I could to help with the mission.”

Over the years, helping with the mission has taken the form of faithful support of All Belong, frequenting the Auction and Golf Outing, and sharing their passion for inclusive communities with friends and family.

“When All Belong events come up, we invite people to join us. When guests comment on Auction purchases in our home, I tell them where the item is from and about the work of All Belong,” said Patricia.
“Those conversation starters create opportunities to share about inclusion and the ways we have been impacted by persons with disabilities.”

Sid’s experiences volunteering and worshipping with people with disabilities have opened his eyes to the diversity of gifts across God’s kingdom.
“We are all children of God, each of us have unique gifts. Sometimes you have to reach out and get involved to find out what those gifts are.”

Patricia understands that it may be hard to approach someone who is different than you—it may require a perspective shift. However, if you initiate including someone, it can be a blessing to everyone.
“God does the work if you take the step,” encouraged Patricia.

Each year, Sid and Patricia serve on the All Belong Auction Committee. They give countless hours asking individuals and businesses for Auction support, contributing their own treasures (Patricia’s fudge is legendary!), planning and helping at the event, and bringing friends along. The Helder’s encourage anyone with an interest in supporting children and adults with disabilities within an inclusive community to attend the annual Auction on Saturday, February 3, 2018 at Calvary Christian Reformed Church (Wyoming, MI).

Passionate about inclusive education? Make a contribution to All Belong to help us create inclusive communities for persons of all abilities.

Sue Kuyvenhoven Sue Kuyvenhoven is the advancement coordinator at All Belong.