CPC21 Workshops

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01/12/2021 - 01/14/2021
All Day

Victoria White, our director of church services and church consultant, is leading workshops during the online CPC21. Her sessions will include Universal Design for Children’s Ministry, and Reaching Virtually Every Child. For more information about the conference, see the INCM website: Children’s Pastor’s Conference

Brief summaries of the workshops are as follows:

Universal Design for Children’s Ministry

Wondering how to set up or reset your Children’s Ministry so that every child thrives? Explore the concept of Universal Design, discover important processes, equipment, and tools to build into your program from the beginning so that each child experiences a place of welcome, safety, and learning.

Reaching Virtually Every Child

Like you need a good toothbrush for those hard to reach places, in children’s ministry you need to be equipped for those seemingly hard to reach kids with ADHD, Autism, or other differences. Gain flex and reach to connect with kids of all abilities with this session even if your ministry moments are limited to calls, screens, or done from a distance.

All Belong Member Churches get sneak-peek access to these workshops and other resources!


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