NCYM 2021 Workshops

Event Information

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Hilton Daytona Beach

Barbara J NewmanBarbara J. Newman, our director of church services and church consultant, is leading workshops at the National Conference on Youth Ministries (NCYM) in 2021. Her sessions will include Creating Inclusive Church Programs with Kids of ALL abilities and ASD, AH/HD, Learning Differences and Your Church.

For more information on NCYM, please visit their website.

Brief summaries of the workshops are as follows:

Creating Inclusive Church Programs with Kids of ALL Abilities

If you desire a place of belonging for children and youth of ALL abilities, come discover a practical framework that will set you up for success. This session provides leaders and volunteers with a 3-part plan to use as you create or improve your church program. Learn the plan and many practical tools you can use tomorrow in your congregation.

ASD, AH/HD, Learning Differences and Your Church

Are you including children or youth with varied abilities? Learn more about ASD, AD/HD, and other learning differences as well as very practical strategies for including children of all abilities in your church settings. Whether your congregation is large or small, these ideas will support your existing program as you polish up your “Everyone Welcome” sign.


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