Church Resources

We thank God for your desire to create communities of belonging for persons of all abilities within your congregation! Wherever you are in your journey, we hope the following resources and next steps will help you include persons of all abilities more fully into the life of your church.

Free Resources for Congregations

Best Practices for Building Belonging in Congregations: Role-Based Tips for Inclusive Congregations

No matter what part you play in your congregation, you can help widen the welcome in your congregation for persons of all abilities. To get started, look up your role on the Best Practices for Building Belonging in Congregations page.

Sample Order of Worship

Many churches provide attendees with a printed and/or electronic bulletin or order of worship prior to the service. We are happy to share with you a Sample Order of Worship which includes images and universal design elements to consider, which you are welcome to adapt to your congregation.

Download the Sample Order of Worship, along with other documents from our library, by completing this form.

Parent/Family Member Survey

We encourage you to give the below survey to the family of the person you desire to support and then use the information they provide to create welcome for that individual, distributing the information (with permission!) to appropriate leaders.

Download the Survey, along with other documents from our library, by completing this form.

Inclusive Language Guide

For some individuals, words can make the difference between partial participation and full inclusion in a worship service. Consider the provided alternative phrases in our Preferred Language Guide for including persons with a variety of abilities in your congregational gatherings. For additional information, refer to the “Philosophy of Language” section, located in the All Belong Brand Guide.

Theology of Inclusion

As you consider receiving the gifts of persons with disabilities and implementing universal design concepts, we encourage you to reflect on our core values, which have strong biblical foundations. Read more about our theology of inclusion.

Church Welcome Story

A church welcome story uses personalized elements to create a story about what may happen when someone comes to your church. By showing examples and images customized for your ministry, people of all abilities can have a clear understanding of what to expect when attending your church program. View our example video below, or download our Church Welcome Story Example PDF and Church Welcome Story Example Powerpoint. You can access the PowerPoint Template along with other downloadable resources here.

Additional Free Resources on our COVID Resources Page!

Here you’ll find a list of further resources developed in response to the pandemic during 2020. Videos from churches like yours who share great ideas, examples of prayers and blessings, webinars on mindfulness and trauma, and more!

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