The Family table, The Place We All Belong: The Way of Love

The Family Table: The Place We All Belong

The Way of Love

This page is part of a larger series titled The Family Table: The Place We All Belong, a sermon series on the 10 dimensions of belonging.  To see the full list of topics, visit the Belonging Sermon Series page.

This sermon can be preached on its own or as part of the full series on belonging.



The dimension of belonging for this sermon: Loved.

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Scripture Focus: I Corinthians 13:1-13

Supplemental Scriptures: Galatians 5:22-23

Key Idea: Love is the most important thing.

Love is the motivating factor. If I am welcoming, but not loving, my
welcome is meaningless. All these dimensions of belonging will be evident in
the life of our congregation if we are actively practicing love. Love bears all
things. Everything else will pass away.

Dimension of Belonging: Loved.

Love permeates all aspects of belonging. The command to love one another
fully extends to people with disabilities. When people talk about
communities that matter most to them, they often talk about the love they
experience there.

What do these Scripture passages say?

Love is the highest calling of the follower of Jesus.
Love is the only mark of the Christian life that lasts forever.
Love must be what the church is known for—the sacrificial love of Jesus
must be our distinguishing characteristic.

So what? Why is this important?

Historically, the church has been the place where the lost, the broken, the
sickly, the disabled, the abused, the orphaned, or hurting have found rest and
peace and healing and the love of the Savior. Public hospitals first appeared
as additions to Christian cathedrals in the Roman world.
Loving not only in word, but in action and deed. We love through what we do,
not only with what we say. Our actions prove our love.

Now What? What must I/we do now?

The Church manifests such fruit in the way it deals with and supports
members in its congregation. In doing so they demonstrate love in actions –
as required by Jesus’ disciples (John 13:35). Go. Love.

Story options

  • Tell stories from your own congregation, allowing individuals to share how they have found belonging in your community. Think about stories from people with visible and hidden disabilities and mental health challenges.
  • Share this story from All Belong about Aaron using his gifts to serve his congregation, while the worship director chose love over convenience: Aaron’s story.

We tried this at at First Presbyterian Church Aurora…

we created a video we called Stories of Belonging, because we could not all gather at the same time and place due to COVID, and in this way we could share stories of belonging in our congregation.

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