Mental Health Series Session 5

Mental Health: Conversation & Education

Session 5: AD/HD, OCD & Eating Disorders

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Topic: AD/HD, OCD & Eating Disorders




Handouts/ Q & A

From All Belong Center for Inclusive Education:


NAMI handouts:


Talk about the opening video and contents of the handout(s). Have a mental health professional take a few general questions.


Discussion Time

Video: Dr. Steve Grcevich on welcoming children and adults who struggle with self-discipline (8:38)


Discussion Questions

  1. Is our church signage clear?
  2. Where could we implement one-point messages and one thing to do?
  3. Are there spaces in our church that have too much stimulation and information to process?

Scripture:  Romans 12:3-13


(Optional) Personal Story

If you have invited someone to share for 5 minutes, now is the time for that.


Thought to take with you: “The experience I have had is that once you start talking about (experiencing a mental health struggle) you realize that you’re actually part of quite a big club.”  (Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex)


Prayer:  Dear merciful and gracious God, thank-you for teaching us about challenging diagnosis like ADHD, OCD, eating disorders and more.  Help us to be compassionate with and supportive of persons who cope with life differently than we do. Help us see beyond behaviors and view God’s handiwork and gifts in all people.