Mental Health Series Session 6

Mental Health: Conversation & Education

Session 6: Psychosis & Schizophrenia

This page is part of a larger series titled Mental Health: Conversations & Education.  To see the full list of topics, and to download the entire series as a PDF, visit the Mental Health Series page.



Topic: Other Conditions, such as Psychosis & Schizophrenia


Video: Dr. John Swinton shares Allen’s story of hearing voices and a mother’s love (3:27)

Handouts/ Q & A

NAMI handouts:


Talk about the opening video and contents of the handout(s). Have a mental health professional take a few general questions.


Discussion Time

Listen to the reading and then discuss the following questions.


Reading: Open Letter to My Church Family (from Study Guide, p.13-15).


Discussion Questions:

  1. After this mental health series is over, how can the church continue to educate members about mental health challenges and support those members who have mental health diagnoses?
  2. How do we keep our prayer ministries for those with mental health diagnoses ever in the forefront of our pastor’s and leader’s eyes?
  3. How can we make sure that our areas of service are inclusive to those with mental health challenges?


Scripture:  Joshua 6:13,20


(Optional) Personal Story

If you have invited someone to share for 5 minutes, now is the time for that.


Thought to take with you: “It is time for us to convince the Faith Community that it should join in leading all of society in a march.  It is time for us to shout and blow our horns.  The wall of stigma of mental illness must come down.  For most of us the wall is invisible.  But those with one of these disorders can see it clearly.” (Gunner Christiansen of NAMI FaithNet,  from Study Guide, p.7)


Prayer:  Lord, teach us how to break the silence around mental illness. Forgive us for building a wall between ourselves and brothers or sisters in Christ who experience mental health challenges. Grant us more wisdom and understanding and give us the grace to include all people in your kingdom. Amen. (from Study Guide, p.8)