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Our Approach

Based on more than thirty years of pioneering inclusive education in Christian schools, we combine our special education expertise and our passion for inclusive worship to help churches build interdependent communities for children and adults of all abilities.

Our framework for creating belonging for people of all abilities is made up of 3 parts.

1. Perspective: Puzzle Pieces

Understanding that each person is a piece of the puzzle, a member of the Body of Christ, with both gifts (“greens”) and challenges (“pinks”).


2. Participation: Universal Design

A broad-spectrum of ideas meant to produce buildings, products, and environments that are inherently accessible to all people. Find out more about Universal Design and how you can implement it in your congregation, from our Best Practices for Building Belonging in Congregations and this hour-long seminar on Universal Design for Worship.

3. Personalization: Responsive Design

When participation requires further support, implement Responsive Design to meet specific needs, equipping individuals to use their gifts.

For many individuals, having good practices in place related to Universal Design will give the needed supports. For others, an individualized plan will be critical for full belonging in the community.

We would be delighted to explore with you how to put supports in place for individuals in your congregation. See our Church resources for a few ideas to get you started.

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Equip yourself, your staff, your volunteers, and your congregation to welcome people of all abilities.

Barbara J. Newman at CICW Worship Symposium

We can present for your leadership, volunteers, or the entire congregation.

We would love to plan with you to meet the needs of your community!

Explore training topics

Our consultants would be delighted to observe your setting, consult with you and a team, and provide you with a plan.

We also provide coaching so you can plan ahead and prepare for what God is calling you to do.

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Year-round support from our consultants, opportunities to connect with other churches and ministries, training opportunities, and a library of resources are just the start.

Enroll in Membership
Accessible Worship Symposium - Praetorium Choir leading worship

We will study your church with you, guiding you through a process, and provide you with a plan for greater belonging for persons of all abilities in your congregation.

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Whether you are on paid staff, a volunteer, a faithful member, or an occasional attendee, your role impacts the community.

Browse through the ideas in our Best Practices Guide for how each one can create belonging in your faith community.

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I have a wealth of resources through All Belong. I’m more aware and thinking more of how I can be used by God. -C.S., The Chapel (Akron)

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