How We Help Your Church

We come alongside your church to help you include children and adults with disabilities into the life of your congregation and its ministries.

  • Do you need more information and training to include persons with disabilities? Begin here.
  • Are there specific situations you would like help working through? Start here.
  • Would you like to assess the accessibility and inclusivity of your church, and form a plan for greater inclusion and belonging? Start here.
  • Are you wondering how your role in the church (whether paid or volunteer) can make a difference in welcoming and including people with varied abilities? Begin here.
  • Do you desire ongoing access to a team of consultants? Start here.

We look forward to working with you!

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We want to think with you about how we can best support you. Call us at (616) 245-8388 or complete this form to start the conversation today.

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Our Approach

Based on more than twenty-eight years of pioneering inclusive education in Christian schools, we combine our special education expertise and our passion for inclusive worship to help churches build interdependent community for children and adults of all abilities.

Our framework for inclusion is based on two concepts: universal design and responsive design. Universal design refers to a broad-spectrum of ideas meant to produce buildings, products, and environments that are inherently accessible to all people, including elderly persons, people with disabilities, and people without disabilities. Responsive design is a process that provides options for including specific persons with an identified disability into full participation in worship, the congregation, and its activities.

For many individuals, having good practices in place related to Universal Design will give the needed supports. For others, an individualized plan will be critical for inclusion into the community.