Best Practice Educational Consulting

We collaborate with your school staff and constituent families to proactively identify and respond to students with mild learning support needs through implementing best practices in Response to Intervention and Differentiated Instruction. Whether that need is associated with a Learning Disability, Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (including Asperger’s Syndrome), Sensory Processing Disorder, an Emotional Impairment or an undiagnosed need, we work with your Christ-centered school to help struggling students succeed.

We begin the conversation for each struggling student with a look at their God-given strengths and gifts. Through observations and testing, we collaborate with you to identify areas of need and put plans in place to help each student grow academically, spiritually, and socially.

Planning for the success of each struggling student may include creating:

Individualized Student Plan

In public school settings, this is known as an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Our plans identify neurodevelopmental areas of strengths and need, and include a description of our remediation strategies developed around the student.

View the first page of our ISP Summary form.

Classroom Accommodation Records

Based on the learning profile developed for the struggling student, we work with you to create accommodations that adjust the student’s educational experience. This may involve altering the presentation of teacher-led information, the way the student engages with that information, or the way in which the student expresses what he or she has learned.

View a portion of the Official Accommodation Record form.

Section 504 Plans

If a Section 504 plan is necessary, we work with you to craft a plan based on the student’s needs.

View the first page of our Section 504 paperwork.

Positive Behavior Support Plans

We work with you to create a proactive behavior planning system by building a positive behavioral culture of expectations. This may include increasing student participation in constructing appropriate behavior plans, teaching students to problem-solve their own behavior problems, or providing students with active adult mentorship during the behavior planning process.

Transition Plans

With an emphasis on the student’s gifts, areas of interest, goals, and needs, we work with you to create a transition plan that can help the student imagine and access the future.
View the first page of the Transition Plan form.

We come alongside your Christian school to help you include students with moderate to significant support needs into the life of your school.  The support needs may be associated with Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Sensory Processing Disorder, behavior and/or emotional challenges, as well as cognitive and/or physical impairments. Regardless of a student’s diagnosis, we help you look at each person’s gifts and needs as you make a home for each student in your school.

Inclusive education for students with moderate to significant areas of disability has two major components:

Ownership – Making a home for each student in the general education classroom

We work with your general and special education staff to make a home for each student in the general education classroom, while ensuring each student receives the support they need. Our consultants work with the student, their family, and your school to identify the student’s God-given strengths and gifts, as well as areas of need. Based on this understanding of the student, we work with you to create accommodations and modifications, as well as goals based on the seven areas of development.It is crucial for general and special educators as well as families to have clear communication about the student’s goals, accommodations, and modifications. We work with you to create and use different tools to ensure each individual in the child’s life has a clear understanding of his or her educational experience. Our web-based data program, Goals and Objectives, allows teachers to identify goals, print progress reports, student-centered report cards, accommodations forms, and more.

Friendship – Fostering social inclusion for students with disabilities

Based on the student’s needs, our consultants equip you to provide a network of friendships for each student with a disability. This may include providing accurate information to peers, working specifically on social skills with the student, or forming a circle of friends.

We collaborate with your school staff to help students with academic talents reach their fullest God-given potential. Through consulting and training based on best practices in Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction, we help you unpack the gifts and needs of your advanced students and work with you to make appropriate adjustments to curriculum, classes, and expectations.

Based on your needs, this may include:

  • Training for your staff on Universal Design for Learning, Apps for Teaching and Learning, Differentiated Instruction, Curriculum Planning, and Teaching with Technology.
  • Individualized Assistance for your school, such as Acceleration Plans, Curriculum Compacting, and Enrichment Strategies.

Our partnership with your school community includes offering guidance and support to school administrators. Depending on your goals and needs, this may include:

Educational Support Staff Role Input

We can offer guidance on the best way to organize your Educational Support Staff (ESS), including the role and responsibilities of the lead special education teacher.

Educational Support Staff training and hiring assistance

We can help you recruit and screen ESS teachers and paraprofessionals. Your school does the official hiring.

Program and/or Staff Evaluation

Our consultants can provide an evaluation of your Educational Support Services and the staff that serve on that team. This may include assessing the effectiveness of your services, staff performance reviews, completing a comprehensive Site Study, and program and staff remediation plans.

Coordinating Public School Services

We can help you coordinate School Psychologists, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, and speech and language services from your public school system.

Legal Assistance

Should you need legal assistance during your partnership with us, we can provide assistance on Manifestation Reviews, Due Process Hearings, and Section 504 and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Complaints.

Policy Reviews

This may include records, transcripts, discipline and more.

Accreditation Support

If your school is seeking accreditation through Christian Schools International, Association of Christian Schools International, Michigan Association of Non Public Schools, or another organization, we can help your school reach its educational support goals.

Targeted Fundraising Assistance

We can help you brainstorm fundraising strategies and events to support inclusive education at your school.