Using EANS Funds to Bring Inclusive Education to Your School

What are EANS Funds?

The Emergency Assistance for Non-public Schools program, or EANS, are funds available to private schools that came out of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, passed by the Federal Government in early 2021.  These funds may be available to your school, depending on whether or not your state has applied to receive the funds.

Learn more about the EANS program:

Visit the EANS website on

See if your state has applied for and has access to the EANS program

Can I use EANS funds to bring inclusive education to my school?  

Yes, if your school is in a state that has applied for EANS funds, you may be able to access and use these funds to pay for All Belong Membership. 

All Belong is currently creating two-year contracts of intent for your EANS applications which can apply to services in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

Of course, any plan to bring inclusive education to your school takes more than a two year commitment, and future consideration should be given on how to fund these services past 2023.  However, we are confident that by partnering with All Belong and beginning to tap into the years of expertise and access to resources membership provides, that you will begin to see the positive impact inclusive education support can provide.

Interested in learning more?  We encourage you to explore the resources below.  In addition, please contact Elizabeth Dombrowski by email or by calling 616-855-3103 with any questions or for your contract. We look forward to exploring these options with you further.  

Learn More About EANS Funding For Your School

EANS Funding for Current Member Schools

Current Member Schools


Current schools can use EANS funding to underwrite All Belong services, including membership dues, evaluations, teacher consulting, and professional development. 

New to All Belong Membership


If you don’t currently have a membership with All Belong, consider utilizing the EANS funding to get started and build your capacity to meet the needs of all students.

Here are a few examples of packages to consider.  Ready to start the conversation?  Reach out to Elizabeth Dombrowski to explore how to bring All Belong’s services to your school.

Packages of service are flexible based on level of service and the goals for your school. Typical contracts range from $9,000 per year to $20,000 per year. For your EANS application, we recommend applying for two years of service valued at approximately $20,000-$30,000. This will include a variety of services custom built for your school, based on your goals and your students’ needs.  


For example: 

  • Annual membership, intellectual property, and professional development access: $2,600 
  • Twice monthly Zoom consults, along with quarterly day-long consulting visits: $8,500 
  • Up to two (2) comprehensive educational evaluations, $2,800 

For a total package of approximately $13,900, multiplied by two school years (21-22 and 22-23), for approximately $28,000. 


All Belong can come alongside your school for two initial years of partnership by using EANS funds to address learning loss for students of all abilities due to Covid-19. To do this, we will provide intellectual property, professional development, teacher consulting both in-person and via videoconference, and comprehensive educational evaluations or consultations with our team of school psychologists. All Belong focuses on inclusion of students of all abilities, and we are eager to help your school build capacity to meet the needs of all of your students. 


These packages are designed for Michigan schools who may be new to All Belong. Large schools (more than 200 students) should plan to budget for a greater amount, in order to allow for a greater volume of support for their students.  


For more detail, proposals, and other options, please speak with Elizabeth Dombrowski, executive director. Visit her Booking page below to schedule a virtual conversation.

This is introductory package provides your team with resources and best practices in inclusive education for students of all abilities. We will meet with you to introduce you to the materials available, and your staff has access to professional development, networking, and the full All Belong Member Center for forms and instructional guides. I

This package is $2,600 per year or $5,200 for two years. 

All Belong can provide professional development training to your staff, with follow-up coaching opportunities throughout the year. Our focus will be meeting the needs of students of all abilities, including those who experienced learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A package of $4,000 will include two on-site days and two virtual follow-up coaching sessions with your team.

All Belong can come alongside your group of schools or diocese to utilize EANS to provide supports for students with disabilities. Please plan for fees of approximately $95 per teacher per day, with a minimum attendance of 20. Topics for full-day professional development from All Belong include: 


  • Introduction to Inclusive Education 
  • Inclusive Education: Understanding Students with Autism 
  • Social-emotional learning and the impacts of trauma 
  • Restorative Practices (2-day training from IIRP certified trainer) 
  • Teaching All Kinds of Minds official 3-day training  All Belong is an approved trainer for the official Teaching All Kinds of Minds program which provides a comprehensive neurodevelopmental framework for understanding student learning. Cost is $7,500 plus travel for one, includes participant materials; maximum 30 attendees. 
  • School Social Worker – If you are interested in this option, please let us know. It is currently in development and may only be available in West Michigan area. 
  • Online Book Studies for Your Team – All Belong can offer virtual book studies on recent topics in education, focused on addressing learning challenges and learning loss for students of all abilities. Costs are $190 per participant, not including SCECH or graduate credits which may be available. Minimum number of participants is 18. Topics may include behavior management, science of learning, restorative practices, and sensory processing. 
  • Site Studies for initiating support services – For schools new to inclusive education and support services, All Belong can provide a comprehensive site study, customized to your school with recommendations for next steps and staffing levels. Limited to scheduling/availability. Rates are $7,400 per site study plus travel for 2-3 staff members depending on your school size. 

Application Resources

A collection of resources and links to help your school navigate the EANS application process.

EANS Application Resources and Links



[SCHOOL NAME] requests $XX,XXX (we recommend calculating approx. 2 years’ of service) in funding to partner with All Belong Center for Inclusive Education, who will provide professional development, consulting, and school psychologist services to address learning loss for students due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As experts in helping nonpublic schools serve students with disabilities, they will help navigate the long-term learning effects of Covid-19 for [SCHOOL NAME]’s students from 2021 through 2023.

All Belong Executive Director, Elizabeth Dombrowski, led a virtual conversation on March 19, 2021, providing the most up-to-date information on what EANS funding is, what it can be used for, and helpful tips and suggestions on how to apply.  Watch a recording of her presentation and the time of Q and A by clicking the button below.

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