The Christ-Centered Educational Services Standard

A Christ-centered school which fully includes children and young people of all abilities creates a culture that equips each pupil to actively contribute in the life of the school community.

We are pleased to introduce The Christ-Centered Educational Services Standard accreditation endorsement, available for download below. The purpose of this standard is to encourage Christian and Catholic schools to strengthen their community, their mission, and their educational quality by better serving students at all levels of ability.

Our intention is for this document to be a guide through which you can incorporate educational services goals, objectives, and ambitions into your School Improvement Plan. This plan should be submitted to your accreditor of choice as part of the standard accreditation process. To receive a customized copy for your denomination or region, please contact All Belong at (616) 245-8388 or

In the document below, you can learn more about the standard, the indicators, and the rubrics.

Download a free copy of the standard: The Christ-Centered Educational Services Standard

A one-page handout of the standard is available as a PDF: All Belong Standards Handout

All Belong neither charges nor receives any income from use of this document. Any fees associated with this standard should be negotiated with your accrediting authority. To support All Belong’s advocacy work and the availability of this indicator, please make a contribution on our website.