Four Schools Choose Inclusion for Upcoming School Year

Friends in a circleAt All Belong, we are pleased to announce that we are partnering with four additional non-public schools this upcoming school year! This partnership will ensure students at all levels of ability and disability are included and accepted in general education classrooms at these schools.

The four non-public schools are located across the country and include:

  • Alma Heights Christian School (Pacifica, CA)
  • Calvin Christian School (South Holland, IL)
  • Crown Point Christian School (St. John, IN)
  • Netherlands Reformed Christian School (Rock Valley, IA)

In total, we now work with more than sixty non-public schools across Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, and California, to help them create inclusive communities. Praise God!

“Our team is excited to work with each of these schools – their teachers and their staff – to better serve students with varying abilities,” said R.H. “Bear” Berends, executive director of All Belong. “In each school, we will look to develop and integrate custom education plans that build on each student’s gifts, while still maintaining the integrity of the school’s educational standards.”

Each new school shared what they’re looking forward to this upcoming year:

Alma Heights Christian School (Pacifica, California)

“All Belong provides the training and expertise that our school needs to move into stronger support for more students and for their teachers and families,” explained David Gross, principal at Alma Heights Christian School. “I am excited and challenged by the good that a positive emphasis on inclusion will do for all of our students, faculty, and families. We can focus on the good of loving neighbor as self in order to proactively combat the evils of gossip, bullying, and self harm.”

Calvin Christian School (South Holland, Illinois)

“We chose to partner with All Belong because we wanted something more,” explained Randy Moes, principal at Calvin Christian School. “We recognized that we could be more effective in how we intervened with students who struggled. This partnership will allow us to further enhance and improve what we do here, to the glory of God.”

Crown Point Christian School (St. John, Indiana)

“Partnering with All Belong will allow us to better meet the needs of a diverse learning community,” explained Carol Moxey, principal at Crown Point Christian School. “As our school continues to grow, we realized this is an area that needed improvement. We’re excited about the training opportunities that All Belong provides.”

Netherlands Reformed Christian School (Rock Valley, Iowa)

“Our school has an effective, experienced, and well-educated special needs staff in place,” continued Daniel Breuer, principal at Netherlands Reformed Christian School. “But this partnership will advance our program’s procedures and processes as we look to better serve our students with equity and as we equip our general education teachers with the confidence they need to serve all students, regardless of ability or disability.”

A teacher consultant will be assigned to each of these four new schools to assist with creating individualized student plans, curriculum assistance, transition plans, behavioral intervention plans, and general academic and social inclusion within the school. These new schools will also have access to our best-practice online professional development sessions on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavior Management, Neurodevelopment, Bullying Prevention, Anxiety and Depression in the Classroom, as well as our team of school psychologists to help understand and create strategies for struggling learners.

If you want to make inclusive education a reality at your non-public school, contact us to see how we can help!



As an Iowan, I’m particularly pleased to see Rock Valley on the list. Their efforts are all the more commendable knowing their town experienced severe flooding in June and is still recovering from the damage! Thanks for adding this encouraging post to the link up.

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