The Road to Jerusalem



“The Road to Jerusalem” is a digital curriculum, part of All Belong’s Friendship Together Curriculum collection.  To Learn more about Friendship Ministries, a subsidiary of All Belong, click here.

by Victoria White
Made possible in part by generous support from Dr. Dirk and Jean VanderSteen

In this unit groups will study the events of the final weeks of Jesus’ life as he sets his face toward Jerusalem, goes willingly to the cross, and rises from the dead. Sessions will focus on what it means to say yes to Jesus and follow him on the Way – even when it’s painful and unpopular in this world. This is a great unit for Lent, or for any time groups want to dig deeper into the meaning and reality of true discipleship.

Seven Sessions:

  1. Taking Up the Way
  2. The Way of Self-Reliance or ht way of Trust
  3. The Way of Compassion
  4. The Way of Peace
  5. Losing Our Way
  6. The Way of Forgiveness
  7. The Way Goes On


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