Donor Profile: Randy and Jessica Setsma

Setsma family The Setsma family, from left: Claire, Jessica, Randy, Willem, and Sylvia. Photo by Sara Leo.

For Randy and Jessica Setsma, supporting All Belong is a family value they have inherited and hope to pass along to their kids.
“Our parents modeled the importance of every believer to God’s kingdom. All Belong helps us live that out,” shares Jessica. “We hope that our modeling teaches our kids that God has a plan and a place for each one of us.”

Jessica got to know All Belong back in the 1980s, when her sister Kaitlin Konynenbelt began attending the first inclusive education program at Zeeland Christian School. Randy attended school alongside the Christian Learning Center, when the organization operated in Seymour Christian School.
“We love that we can bring our family to events like the Auction. It creates a community that allows our kids to see why we give to All Belong,” explains Randy. “Looking back at my upbringing, I may not have thought about this organization while I was in it. But now, I can see that I grew up and worshiped with kids of all levels of ability thanks to CLC’s influence.”

Today, Randy serves as Treasurer on the All Belong Board of Directors. Jessica works with All Belong’s middle school courses in her role as a part-time academically talented teacher at Dutton Christian School and Byron Center Christian School. They are both strong advocates for inclusive education.

“Recently, we were talking with a friend who didn’t realize what All Belong does or why it is important, and we were both pretty shocked,” they recall. “It didn’t occur to them that everyone benefits in an inclusive setting.” Jessica continues,
“The more diverse we are, the better we are as God’s people. Inclusive education gives all of us the opportunity to discover our gifts.”

Both Randy and Jessica see the vision that was cast for Kaitlin back in 1989 as still relevant and based on a sense of justice: that there is a place of belonging in God’s kingdom for each of us. In serving on the Board for nearly six years, Randy has been able to carry that vision into the future of CLC Network throughout a number of organizational transitions.

“We want to see more people become passionate supporters and unapologetic advocates for this mission,” they share. “We want to see the organization grow to impact kingdom building around the world and impact communities beyond West Michigan. Seeing the good work that has brought together so many amazing people renews our faith in what God is doing in our world.”

Passionate about inclusive education? Make a contribution to All Belong to help us create inclusive communities for persons of all abilities.

Elizabeth Lucas DombrowskiElizabeth Lucas Dombrowski is the executive director at All Belong.