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Six Additional Schools Choose Inclusion for 2017-2018

We are thrilled to partner with six additional non-public schools this academic year to support inclusive education. Thanks to donor support, we can assist the following six additional Christian and Catholic schools to glorify God through purposeful, innovative inclusion of persons with varied abilities.

The six new partner schools located across the country include: 
  • Beaver County Christian School (Beaver Falls, PA) 

  • Community Christian School (Pease, MN) 

  • Father Gabriel Richard High School (Ann Arbor, MI) 

  • Fredericksburg Christian School (Fredericksburg, VA) 

  • Heritage Christian Schools (New Berlin, WI) 

  • Illiana Christian High School (Lansing, IL) 

Our new schools shared with us what they are looking forward to this school year: 

Beaver County Christian School (Beaver Falls, PA) 

Beaver County Christian Logo“We decided to partner with All Belong because we wanted to be sure that we are doing all we can with the resources we have to be a school that helps all students learn and grow, even if a student has a moderate or a significant disability. We want Christian families to have the ability to send all of their children to our school and to put into practice the biblical metaphor of a body working together even though the parts of that body are very different.” 

- Doug Carson, principal 

Community Christian School (Pease, MN) 

Community Christian School"First and foremost: we are partnering with All Belong to meet our students' needs. In this ever-changing world, we want to continue to be an excellent Christian school that can embrace and effectively teach learners with varying needs and learning styles." 

- Tracy Rosenberg, principal 

Father Gabriel Richard High School (Ann Arbor, MI) 

Father Gabriel Richard"Father Gabriel Richard High School is looking forward to growing as a school staff so that we are prepared to welcome diverse learners and help them realize their full potential. We look forward to creating an inclusive school environment that embraces all students regardless of their academic struggles. It is a win-win situation for all teachers and students of various abilities as we learn to work alongside one another with mutual respect." 

- Christopher Dotson, principal 

Fredericksburg Christian School (Fredericksburg, VA)   

"We are grateful for the partnership we have with All Belong to strengthen our support of students with various learning styles. At Fredericksburg Christian Schools, we cherish the God-ordained uniqueness of every child, and we believe that helping them discover how they learn best will ultimately empower them to become who God has called them to be. We are thankful for collaborative opportunities to equip our students, and for organizations like All Belong who share our vision. We look forward to an exciting year!"

- Jessica Meade, resource teacher

Heritage Christian Schools (New Berlin, WI) 

Heritage Christian logo“Our school’s desire is to serve the whole body of Christ. As we plan strategically for the future, we want to be wise in creating an exceptional program to meet the needs of each individual the Lord entrusts to us. All Belong brings a level of expertise in structuring a program to serve students with disabilities that we knew would add value to our school.” 

- John Davis, President of Heritage Christian Schools 

Illiana Christian High School (Lansing, IL) 

“This partnership will allow us to provide support Illiana Christianto all Christian families who desire a Christian education for all of their children. It will help our staff put our hearts behind our practice and strengthen our school culture to be a place where all students are able to be successful and welcomed.” 

-  Peter Boonstra, principal 

 The partnership will allow each of the non-public schools to more effectively welcome students with varying abilities into their educational communities. All Belong will assist the school with implementing core practices in inclusive education to strengthen teaching and learning for all students, while also fostering social inclusion among peers. 
“Our team is eager to work with the administrators and staff at our new member schools to help them understand and support the gifts and needs of each student, regardless of their ability,” said Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski, executive director at All Belong. “Over the past 28 years, we have seen inclusive education transform general education classrooms, social groups, and extracurricular activities. We are thrilled to partner with the six new schools and help them move forward on this journey.”  

If you want to make inclusive education a reality at your non-public school, contact us to see how we can help! 

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Ashtyn GrevenstukAshtyn Grevenstuk is the marketing and communications assistant at All Belong.