Steve Huisjen

“My daughter, Jessica, is 14 years old and has Down Syndrome. She attends All Belong Member, Dutton Christian School, and has been in inclusive education since starting Dutton Christian in Pre-Kindergarten.

Jessica thrives in the classroom with her classmates. They love her and she loves them right back. Jessica has excelled socially, academically, and emotionally due to inclusion. The genuine friendships that she has (due to inclusion) are beyond anything I dreamed possible; it’s truly an amazing thing to witness.

I recently joined the All Belong Board in order to help sustain and promote inclusion and support the organization in any way that I can. I have been in public and private accounting for over 25 years and have been privileged to serve on several non-profit boards during that time. I hope to be able to put that experience to good use on All Belong’s Board and look forward to the challenge.”