Victoria White

Church Services Coordinator and Consultant


  • B.A. Grand Valley State University: Secondary Education

Victoria White, church services coordinator at All Belong, has been involved in education and ministry for over twenty years. Victoria has written curriculum for her church’s children’s ministry, as well as for Friendship Ministries’ adult inclusive Bible study, TOGETHER. She has edited several books, including All Belong’s latest publication, Accessible Gospel, Inclusive Worship. Victoria brings her experience in homeschooling, a degree in education, a decade of supporting inclusion at Zeeland Christian School, and victory over a debilitating chronic illness to serve families and churches in their efforts to include individuals of all abilities with excellence.

“Being a part of the All Belong Church Division is like being enveloped by God’s grace itself. I was welcomed into it, having worked at Zeeland Christian School for long enough to fall in love with inclusion (and the kids!), and having the pleasure of being colleagues with Barb Newman in ministry for several years aside from that. How could I not want to share God’s blessing with other churches and communities? I do, and so I love the work of All Belong’s Church Division!”