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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!


Here at All Belong, we are always looking for ways to engage in conversations that advance our mission to create inclusive communities for people at all levels of ability and disability.  We are thrilled to be launching a new blog that we hope will be a resource for you, as well as provide support, inspiration, tips, and connections that strengthen our online community.

It takes many passionate people to grow the Kingdom through inclusive practices.  Our blog will feature posts by our staff of clinical psychologists and teacher and church consultants, friends who are transforming their communities, and contributions from other experts and blogs in the field of inclusion.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact Katie Barkley, marketing communications manager, at or 616-855-3106.

Thank you for your efforts and interest in recognizing God’s image in each of our brothers and sisters.  We want to help, and we pray for your success!