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Known. Isaac’s previous school was afraid to frustrate him, not wanting to disrupt the class. Now that he’s at an All Belong member school, his teachers are eager to know him well and know the best ways to encourage him to learn and grow. One way they get to know him is by trying different methods to motivate and teach him and learn what he responds to. Isaac is known, and that makes all the difference!
Needed. Kahsay’s school worked with All Belong to put a support team in place so he has what he needs when needed. Now, he enjoys being in school, which has made previous behavior problems disappear! He is learning to interact with his peers and ask for what he needs, and his classmates understand how important Kahsay is to their class. “It’s like a glimpse of what Heaven must be like to see how Kahsay lives with such inhibited joy!”
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Belongs. Ady spends most of her day in class with her peers instead of in an isolated classroom. She is thriving in the classroom and has learned that she loves reading. She also plays basketball and volleyball, sings in the choir, helps collect recycling, and is loved by her friends and classmates. Ady isn’t just included in her class, she belongs there! “We miss her when she’s not there, she always tries to make everyone happy.”

Your Gift Allows More Schools to Participate

As a nonprofit, All Belong relies on donor support to expand our inclusive education vision. Your generosity helps more schools participate, making communities where every child feels they belong. Donations lower school costs, provide training, fund resources, solve problems together with schools, and share knowledge to turn our vision into reality.

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What does it take?


provides one student with a year of inclusive, Christ-centered education.


provides a classroom with a year of inclusive, Christ-centered education.


provides an entire school with a year of inclusive, Christ-centered education

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Hadley's Discovery:

Are There Really Schools That Won’t Let Kids with Disabilities Attend?

Hadley and Liam are friends and fourth graders at an All Belong member school. After a chapel on belonging at school, Hadley came home and asked her mom if there really were schools that don’t let kids with disabilities attend. When her mom confirmed that, unfortunately, there are schools that are unable to let certain students attend, Hadley asked why. “How can they do that?”

Hadley couldn’t imagine going to school without her friend Liam. Fortunately, Hadley and Liam have always known what it feels like to belong, but she was heartbroken that some Christ-centered schools aren’t like that. Because of you, All Belong can work with more schools to make more classrooms a welcoming place for students with disabilities.

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