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Your Gift Makes Our Work Possible

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Donor Support Allows More Schools to Participate

Unlike many educational consulting firms, All Belong is a nonprofit. As donor support grows, more schools can participate, thus moving us toward our vision.

Thanks to donor support, All Belong can come alongside schools that desire to include each child of God, forming communities marked by belonging for people of all abilities.

Donor gifts help us:

  • Lower the cost for schools to participate
  • Provide tailored training
  • Fund resource materials
  • Problem-solve in partnership with schools
  • Share expertise so that our vision becomes reality

Schools and Parents are seeking our services.

We want to help each and every one of them create an environment where each child’s strengths are welcomed and valued

Thanks to donor gifts, we accomplished the following in 2021/22:

  • Increased the number of school partners both in Michigan and nationally from 70 schools in 2020-21 to 91 schools in 2021-22. We’ll have 100+ member schools by 2022/2023.
  • Provided monthly professional development training sessions for 404 participants from member schools both in-person and virtually
  • School psychologists conducted 215 individual student evaluations across all member schools