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Visioning: Where Do You Want to Go?

See for Yourself

Are you looking to build a shared vision of inclusion for your board, leadership, and staff? Are you wondering how it looks and what’s involved?

We invite you to visit our member schools and see for yourself. We can arrange a visit to several schools like yours that are on the journey of inclusion. You will meet with and observe administrators, teachers, and support staff and ask questions in an open, conversational environment.

We do not charge you for our time because we believe this is a worthwhile investment and first step. You simply pay for your travel costs.


“Through the visit to Grand Rapids, my team and I had the opportunity to see a wide variety of school settings. These visits brought to light how All Belong partners with each school to meet their individual needs as it pertains to the community it serves.”

- Dr. Shantel Small, The City School, Philadelphia

Planning : What Do You Need to Do?

Are you ready to explore what an inclusive educational environment might look like? Would you like to know how to make it happen?

During our multi-day Site Study, our consultants will interview school staff, administration, Board members, and families to evaluate the strengths and needs of your current services. We will observe students in classrooms and social settings. We will also brainstorm with you about your vision for your educational community.

Following our visit, you will get a thorough written report with our findings and our recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Site Study prices vary by location and services.

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“All Belong made me feel seen and heard. They did not judge but came alongside and empowered me towards hope and change.”

- J. Scott – The City School, Philadelphia

Personal Assistance: Do You Need An Individualized Evaluation?

Are you seeking to understand your child’s unique strengths? Are you looking for help partnering with your school to provide a Christ-centered education for your child?

School Evaluations

Identify recurring themes in a student’s learning profile by gathering multiple perspectives: teachers, parents, students, and test scores. All of this culminates in an Individual Student Plan (similar to an Individual Education Plan/IEP) meeting at your school between school faculty, parents, and the All Belong school psychologist, as well as a complete written report and recommendations. School evaluations are arranged through a Member School and must be requested by school staff.

Private Evaluations

Provide specificity around your child’s learning strengths and challenges. We can work with or without the partnership of your child’s teacher/school. Following the comprehensive evaluation (usually 2 to 3 weeks), a debriefing is conducted with parents at the All Belong central office in Wyoming, Michigan. At this time, parents are provided with the evaluation report and test results.

Distance Consultations

Are a flexible model for building consensus among school staff and parents for a child’s future. We use video conferencing technology and test results to discuss a child’s strengths as a learner in their environment. Although we do not diagnose without meeting a child, we will provide a written consultation summary upon completion.

Evaluation prices vary by location and services.

Self - Assessment: Are You Seeking to Better Serve Students?

Would you like to improve the quality of your education by better serving students? Would you like to receive accreditation for your work? The Christ-Centered Educational Services Standard accreditation endorsement encourages Christian and Catholic schools to strengthen their community, mission, and educational quality by better serving students at all ability levels. We intend this document to guide you to incorporate educational services goals, objectives, and ambitions into your School Improvement Plan. This plan should be submitted to your accreditor of choice as part of the standard accreditation process. To discuss options for how to use this standard, please contact us.