About the Book Study

Do you want to be a great inclusive educator? What do you imagine that would look like? Who do you think would benefit if you were? Perhaps you have been committed to this goal for years but wish you had more resources and expertise to address the specific needs in your classroom. Perhaps you feel a gap between what you believe about inclusion and what you are currently able to do. Or perhaps inclusion is new to your school and you find yourself with the feelings of caution or reluctance that often accompany the start of this journey.

The book Becoming a Great Inclusive Educator meets us at each of these points and moves us forward. The main author makes the point that we will need more than just training and resources; it will take nothing short of a transformation to redefine our very selves to do this work well! While this is hard, deep, and humbling work, inclusive teachers over time can shift from feeling apprehensive, unqualified, or leery, to using words like “amazed, pleased, and wonderful” to describe their experiences. Transformative it is! And many inclusive educators report that this transformation benefits not only the students more recently included, but ALL their students; the transformation impacts the whole community. 

This book invites us to be bold, daring, and hopeful. It starts out by inviting us into an exploration of the very real conceptual and ethical challenges of becoming an inclusive educator. It then moves on to present what the best inclusive educators actually do, followed by a collection of first-person narratives dealing with the struggles and successes along personal journeys toward inclusion. In this way, the book brings “a gathering of wise friends... to classroom door to offer guidance, examples, and support.” 

Joining the All Belong Spring Book Study expands that gathering of wise friends to include a virtual learning community of classroom teachers, support staff, and administrators who will explore the book together, benefit from the collective experiences of the group, and do it all from a perspective rooted in Christ, who created and loves all our students, and who fuels the transformation of his people. 

In an asynchronous format, you will participate in group discussions on a cloud-based platform, facilitated by All Belong School Psychologist Lynn VanStee, gaining insight through the lens of Christ-centered inclusive education.

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