About the Book Study

As educators, we dedicate our days to designing and delivering the experiences our students need to grow. We watch for and celebrate evidence of their learning. But how well do we actually understand the specific ways we impact our students? In his book Visible Learning for Teachers, John Hattie helps us evaluate our impact by asking, “Impact on what?” – “What magnitude of impact and impact with how many students?”

John Hattie and his collaborators in universities around the world have spent over 15 years synthesizing and sharing the results from meta-analyses of educational research to illuminate what truly produces the best results in terms of increasing learning in school. And he is not just interested in academic achievement, but “impacting... the love of learning, inviting students to stay in the learning, and seeing the ways in which students can improve their healthy sense of being, respect for self and respect for others - as well as enhancing achievement.”

Whether you are familiar with or new to Hattie’s body of research, studying Visible Learning for Teachers with All Belong will present opportunities to build your knowledge of the educational practices that have the biggest effect. Through reading and discussion, you will improve the tools you use in the classroom to measure your impact on individual students. Laid out in a practical way for teachers, this book walks through the various stages in the learning cycle: preparing the lesson, starting it, establishing the flow for learning and feedback, and ending the lesson.

In an asynchronous format, you will participate in group discussions on a cloud-based platform gaining insight through the lens of Christ-centered inclusive education with All Belong School Psychologist Lynn VanStee. Participating with teachers across the country, you will be encouraged to identify and plan for their individual next steps toward the goal of increased student learning.

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