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Inclusion at West Highland Christian Academy

“There’s something magical about this place,” shares Greg Yoder, All Belong’s teacher consultant serving West Highland Christian Academy in Milford, Michigan. “Students are leaving with a love, caring, and understanding of the differences in every person. It’s a wonderful microcosm of the real world.”

West Highland’s teachers and parents agree that this student body is truly a family. After their first year of inclusive education with a student who had signifi­cant special needs, students responded to a survey telling the teachers they couldn’t imagine their school without that student.

The next year, five more students with disabilities enrolled.

“I expected it to grow, but not that quickly,” shares Trina Mavin, the school’s Principal. “But when God sends someone to this school, we have to trust that He’s going to make it work.”

With 85 students in grades from kindergarten to twelfth grade, part of West Highland’s secret is to keep class sizes small. “Our teachers are incredibly sup­portive, and we serve each student indi­vidually rather than creating a program,” adds Mavin.

The school also enlists the students’ help with their classmates. Currently, seven students serve as student aids, help­ing three students with disabilities to get where they need to be and to work on specific goals. Next year, one high school student will shadow a younger students’ therapy, receiving early training for a career in special education.

After being told he wouldn’t graduate from his previous school, one tenth-grade student with autism spectrum disorder is now on the path to a diploma.

“The stu­dents really reach out to my son and teach him social skills, without ostracizing him or making him feel different,” explains Barb Barber, Tim’s mom. “Tim has come out of his shell, and he is getting A’s and B’s in some general education courses. He’s using his brain and really progressing.”

In addition, West Highland Christian Academy specializes in working with stu­dents who have dyslexia. “Because we have such small classes, stu­dents were functioning okay before we imple­mented screening,” explains Mavin. “Now that their dyslexia has been identified, they’re doing much bet­ter.” The dyslexia program serves seven­teen current West Highland students as well as ten area students enrolled in after school programs.

“I believe all Christian schools can do something,” says Mavin. “Even small steps, some accommodations. The body of Christ isn’t all high achievers.” And at West Highland Christian Academy, the body of Christ is seen as a family helping each other.

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Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski
Executive Director

Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski served at All Belong from 2012-2024. In that time, she served as Director of Advancement and as Executive Director.