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God's Giant Puzzle at Central Wisconsin Christian

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Pink and green puzzle pieces line the elementary wing at Central Wisconsin Christian, a K-12 All Belong partner school in Waupun, WI. At the beginning of the school year, educational services coordinator, Becky Vander Werff, and school counselor, Rhonda Schouten, led each classroom in an activity about inclusive community. Using a pink and green puzzle piece, each student depicted their strengths (green area) and struggles (pink area) with words or images. Becky and Rhonda shared with each class that when we put the puzzle pieces together, it creates God’s “Giant Puzzle”, the body of Christ.

“We conducted the puzzle piece activity at the beginning of the year because we wanted to start the year with an inclusive mindset among teachers and kids,” shared Becky.

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Displayed on the wall, the puzzle pieces visually remind students (and adults!) that each person—regardless of their ability—has gifts and areas of need. In the body of Christ, one person’s gift can help another person with their struggle.

“During the activity, kids were very honest about their strengths and weaknesses,” said Becky. “As an inclusive school, we want kids who struggle to know that everyone has struggles.” There are no all-green or all-pink people!

“Inclusive education at CWC is a benefit to all students, not just those with higher needs,” said Principal Mark Buteyn. “We are more complete, more empathetic, and more accurately resemble the body of Christ when we can serve more diverse learners.”

Teaching and discipling the body of Christ—which includes kids with varied abilities—is central to the school’s mission. The pink and green artwork, displayed prominently in the hallway, daily reminds students, staff, and visitors that each person belongs in the body of Christ at CWC.

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Katie Barkley

Katie Barkley was the marketing and communications manager at All Belong.